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Our gift cards are the perfect offering for that BBQ loving friend or family member. You can purchase in increments of $10 or $25.

Award-winning sauces are a great accompaniment for your next tailgate or picnic and even for every day use. Choose from 4 flavors including Double Trouble, Mojo Mild, Hoochie Coochie and Sufferin Sweet.

Gift card and our other products are available for purchase at all our restaurant locations or through a phone call or email to our home office.


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Red Hot & Blue Gift Cards

Ok, so give ’em what they really want…a gift card!

Available in $10 or $25 increments.

Ready to ship.

Ready to share.


Mojo Mild Barbecue Sauce

Man, this is good. This sauce is tasty and mild_ just the elixir you need to prop up your barbeque on it’s leanin’ side.

$4.99 (plus shipping)


Double Trouble Barbecue Sauce

Man, this is both! If you’re tryin’ to experience the blues, a good start is this savory blend of hot and sweet sauce.

$4.99 (plus shipping)


Sufferin’ Sweet Barbecue Sauce

Man, this is sweet. This sauce is gonna come to your aid and put a suh-weetness to your sufferin’.

$4.99 (plus shipping)


Hoochie Coochie Barbecue Sauce

Man, this is hot. Just think of what a little heatin’ up will do to favorite meats. You can even sop it up with your cornbread, if you’re man or woman enough.

$4.99 (plus shipping)